Last year, Joey Chestnut, a two-time winner of the Hot Dog Eating Contest, ate 75 hotdogs and buns in a single day to win his fifth consecutive race. Miki Sudo, who set the record last year by eating fifty-two hotdogs and buns in one day, looked to regain her title and reclaimed her place as the nation s champion in 2021. Both are well-known competitors in the nation s gnawing contest, with each champion claiming the gnawing title for the most consecutive races. So who will win the 2021 championship? The winner in 2021 will be the official gnasher.

This year’s gnasher is Joey Chestnut, a two-time winner of the Hot Dog Eating contest. Last year he ate 50 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. This time, he ate fifty-two in ten minutes and Miki Sudo managed to eat fifty-three in ten minutes. If either of these runners had beaten the world record, they would have been named the official gnasher. But as it is, the record holder is Joey Chestnut with fifty-two in ten minutes. So who is going to be the next champion?

Some insiders say that it will be the current champion, Miki Sudo, who will once again be the official gnasher. This means that the race track will be changed from the old one to a new one. This means that the washer will have to go through the change involving the race track as well as eat differently to prepare for the race. Many feel that this is a very grueling task, but the winner will be someone who really loves dogs, has patience, and knows when to quit.

Another possible contender for the title of world record holder is Joey Chestnut, the current holder of the world record. When he sets the new record, he is bound to beat out his competitors, including the new champ, Miki Sudo. Both winners will have to eat seven pounds of buns and fifty-five hot dogs in ten minutes. This is a tough feat, but a few have said that they believe it is physically possible. It would require unbelievable strength, agility, and speed.

Other contenders include Craig Devere, who set the current record, along with Sage Copes. They also may have to eat five pounds of buns and thirty-five dogs in ten minutes, although this hasn’t been officially announced. There are also other dogs who have set records at this competition. Some have surpassed the distance record, which is already seven miles.

If the Chun Doo Dogs wins the award, they will become the latest chow team to join the Hall of Fame. They are joined by the previously mentioned Josefa Lopez-Gonzales, who is now retired; Sammi Layug, who are still in training for her final fight; and Miki Sudo, who are currently ranked #5. In 2021 the newest member will be the first female to join. One thing is for sure though, you can expect a lot of interesting fights between these new additions to the Hall of Fame.