My Summer at Coney Island continues! This past weekend I went to the “Beach” area of Coney Island and enjoyed my time swimming, eating, and playing all on the boardwalk. My husband Michael and I chose to spend our weekend at Coney Island because we had a wedding rehearsal a few weeks prior and wanted to treat everyone who attended our reception to this fun location. Since we live in Brooklyn, a place like Coney Island can be overwhelming at times, with the number of people and vendors that can be found on any given day. However, it is a great place to entertain friends and family because everything is available and within a short driving distance if you have an afternoon free.

For my mother and father’s wedding, Coney Island was a perfect choice for us. Although, my summer wedding was much different than their was because they were both in their mid-to late 60’s. Nonetheless, my summer wedding was just as beautiful and memorable as any wedding we had attended earlier in life. The only difference was that this wedding allowed us to spend more time at Coney Island with our kids while also allowing us more flexibility regarding the music, food, and entertainment.

Music was by far the most popular attraction at our summer getaway. Numerous concerts, open air concerts, and performances took place throughout the course of our day. In addition to having my children enjoy themselves, the music really lifted up our spirits! We spent several hours each day at the beach (with the exception of the evening) at various attractions. During the day, my kids enjoyed running around, playing volleyball, playing catch, and playing fetch with the many dog dogs that were roaming the boardwalk area. At night, we wound up dancing the night away to some of the hottest and most popular music of the summer!

Food at Coney Island was also an exceptional experience. There are numerous restaurants located on the beach from which to choose. Some of the most popular spots include the Blue Bayou Grill, Bobby Flay’s Bar-B-Qs, Johnny Castle’s Backyard BBQ, Ponderosa Beach’s Backyard Bar, and so many more! My personal favorite was the legendary Ponderosa Beach, which served some of the best corn Dogs I’ve ever had!

Entertainment was by far the highlight of our summer trip. Numerous concerts were held at the Blue Bayou Beach on a regular basis and featured artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Deerhunter, and Weezer. My kids and I especially enjoyed the Kid Rock concert, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Overall, Coney Island was a great destination for us to spend our summer vacations. The weather was beautiful all of the time and there was always something happening at any time of the day. If you’re looking for a fun family vacation in Florida, you should definitely consider staying at Coney Island. Your kids will love it!