Reviews in Press

Some press reviews mentioned that JL Aronson expresses the unique balance in representing both sides of the story. According to NY Magazine Preview, the film raises questions about the social responsibility and commercial interests, the inevitable urban renewal, and the pros and cons of sentimental and nostalgic places. Moreover, they mentioned that the film allows representatives of Astroland and Thor Equities speak their sides.

The reviews also marvel at the crisp reality of Brooklyn that was depicted in the film. In the New York Post’s Brooklyn Blog, it was mentioned that the film shows the continuous effort for the revival of the known amusement area for a couple of years. Moreover, Huffington Post called it “a very special piece of work”, as it captured the worst and the best.

Coney Island

Coney Island is a place of childhood dreams: wild rides, bright lights, laughter and, of course, hot dogs. Nestled in the midst of the Brooklyn neighbourhood, Coney Island is caught up in the struggle between maintaining the history and a desperate need for housing. Once called ‘the world’s playground,’ Coney Island is facing one of the biggest redevelopment plans ever to visit the area.

The Film

JL Aronson’s documentary explores the conflict that takes place throughout Brooklyn, with Coney Island at the centre of it. Well past its heyday, Coney Island now exists in the space between the ever-distant past and encroaching future. Joe Sitt, a real-estate mogul, envisions a bright future for the park while Astroland’s Carol Albert is scrambling to save her park and the jobs of its employees.

The Director

JL Aronson is the founder and content enabler of Creative Arson Productions. He is a talented man who takes on a multitude of roles including producer, cameraman and editor. Wherever he’s needed, he’s made an impact in the film and television industry. His award-winning films include ‘Up on the Roof’, ‘Danielson: a Family Movie’, and of course, ‘Last Summer at Coney Island’.